Welcome the 2021/2022 Carley’s Angels Ambassadors

We put a call out to our community looking for our next team of Ambassadors for 2021. We were looking for individuals who are passionate about integrative cancer care and therefore, are passionate about promoting and advocating for Carley’s Angels to their devoted community of followers, family and friends. The applications and applicants did not disappoint. This is the third year of the Ambassador program and we continue to be amazed at the overwhelming number of applications, this year being the highest number of applications yet! We are so moved to see how Carley’s story continues to touch lives across the world. 

Positive. Strong. Driven. Passionate. Inspiring. All words to describe this year’s Carley’s Angels Ambassadors, and qualities we know our angel would be beyond proud of to help share, promote, and carry on the legacy of Carley’s Angels and our motto of Always Smile.

Our Ambassadors work with Carley’s Angels to help share Carley’s story, our mission of integrative cancer care, and promote positivity and inclusion with their communities on their social media channels. This personal and meaningful outreach has helped grow our community so we can meet and engage with like-minded, kind-hearted, and passionate individuals like you!

We are very excited about this year’s team and the diversity, range of experiences, and unique connections to the Carley’s Angels family they bring. Learn more about who our Ambassadors are, their story, and where you can find them on Instagram. 

  • Amanda – @amanndascott – “The team of ambassadors are a team of passionate, strong, and driven individuals. They are there to support you and challenge you to become the best version of yourself. When I look at the ring on my hand I think about how much love I have experienced from the Carley’s Angels family and I can’t help but smile”
  • Brooke – @brookemanning2 – “Carley has always been a very inspiring figure in my life, and now, I would love the chance to contribute to a program that honours the incredible person Carley was.”
  • Dana – @dana_loves_skating – “Carley and I’s shared passion for figure skating gives me a connection to her while I skate. I vividly recall watching Carley skate, always with a smile on her face, a mindful choice she made – she was exceptional, a rare gem, a true champion and role model. Each time I enter the rink at Toronto Cricket Club, I walk by Carley’s photo and am reminded, “#AlwaysSmile”, which I do every time I step on the ice.”
  • Joanna – @joannamariabarlas1 – “Carley’s story has had a huge impact on my life. I know how much her story has helped me and I know sharing her story with my followers will inspire and help them in their lives too.”
  • Kathleen – @kathleen_t – “Being a part of the Carley’s Angels family makes my heart happy and helping spread Carley’s story, the work of the Foundation and Carley’s message of “always smile” is something I thoroughly love doing and am passionate about.”
  • Madison – @fixyourcrownprincess – Cancer warrior. “I want to be part of something bigger than myself. Anything I can do that is part of the childhood cancer community to bring awareness and promote a better environment, I want to do.”
  • Mallory – @malloryymacdonald – “Carley is a beautiful young woman, who has shown us all that you should always fight for what you love, and appreciate every moment of life. The experience I have had as an ambassador has allowed me to want to work towards being the absolute best version of myself possible.”
  • Melissa A – @melissa_allder – Breast Cancer warrior. “I believe Carley’s Angels represents ideas that go against the status quo with regards to traditional medicine. From my experience, providing cancer care options that meet one’s needs is crucial, it allows the patient to have some sense of control.”
  • Melissa M – @melmigueis – “Not many things have impacted me as profoundly as this foundation. The team at Carley’s Angels is definitely making Carley proud and absolutely keeping Riley’s promise – her life and story are not a tragedy – they’re an inspiration.”
  • Owen – @owen.vermeersch – “I want to spread the story of Carley to as many people as possible so they can see the benefit of Just Smiling :)”
  • Sarah – @sarahfisher – You know her from Kiss and Cry, also Carley’s best friend, the one and only miss Sarah Fisher. “Car and her family mean the world to me.” And the feeling is completely mutual. 

To learn more about the Ambassador program please click here 

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