Be Well Wednesdays

Be Well Wednesdays

A Collaboration Between Carley's Angels and Wellspring


Be Well is a series of expert-led presentations on a wide range of integrative care topics. It has a broad platform which is flexible in scope. This allows creativity in a format that is accessible to patients and family members who may prefer a single session to some of the multi-week supportive care programs that are also available at Wellspring.

Be Well is offered year-round and has a highly diverse selection of topics, including complementary therapies, nutrition, naturopathy, spirituality, coping with fears of recurrence, management of treatment side-effects, parenting young children, regaining wellness, and different types of emotional and physical life-enhancing techniques.


Happiness & Cancer

Join us for our very first Be Well Wednesday this November 18th 12-1pm with Dr. Gillian Mandich on topic of "The Science of Happiness and Cancer"


About the Talk & Dr. Mandich

Happiness is more than an emotion, it’s a mindset, especially during cancer. Happy people think differently, and research confirms that a happy mindset can be learned. In addition to making us feel good, studies have found that happiness can improve health outcomes and well-being. Creating a happy mindset isn’t about eliminating stressful, frustrating, or difficult experiences, rather it’s about developing a resilient mindset and self-confidence. Using Dr. Gillian Mandich’s scientific framework, participants will learn how to shift the way they think and make the most out of their mental resources while they are on their cancer journey!

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the science of happiness and the connection between happiness and health.
  • Learn how to use positive psychology and neuroscience to shift your thinking, break old patterns, and harness the power of perception to boost happiness.
  • Develop interpersonal courage, compassionate strength, and strategies for peace of mind, no matter what is happening in your life.
  • Learn scientifically proven tools and strategies to increase resilience, cultivate peace of mind, and create lasting happiness.



Stay tuned for details on our next Be Well Wednesday coming up January 20th 



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