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Introducing our 2023-2024 Carley’s Angels Ambassador Class. The next generation of community connection is here and we are so excited to see how our Ambassadors support us in our mission and share our story with the world. Thank you to our entire community for your dedication, love, and commitment to not only Carley’s Angels, but to helping make integrative cancer care a reality for all patients.

Stay updates with your ambassadors on their socials:

Joanna: @joannamariabarlas1

Joanne: @js_flacks

Isobel: isobelnyc

Sarah: @sarahfisher

Melissa: @melissamigueis

Heather: @newmarketskatingclub

Devin: @figureskater_dev

Mallory: @malloryymacdonald

Kathryn: k.al4

Meghan: @meghanleonaaubry

Martina: @marti_lottchen

Gayle: @gaylemwalker

Emma: @emmielaur


About the Program

The Carley's Angels Ambassador Program creates a virtual opportunity for our vast global community to represent Carley's Angels in a personal and meaningful way. The program accepts a limited number of applicants with aligned core values who we feel show the greatest potential for helping Carley’s Angels grow.

What's New This Year?

You may have seen our ambassadors in the past sharing our story, events, and products on social media. But we wanted to go bigger. We know how diverse and unique our community is and we wanted to build a program that reflects that. Introducing the next generation of Carley’s Angels Ambassadors.

This year, we’ve put together an incentivized-based program, which rewards you based on how much you put into it. There is a wide list of activities to pick from that lets you be an ambassador for Carley’s Angels in the way that best suits you and the unique things that YOU bring to the table.

Based on the amount of activity completed throughout the year, ambassadors will reach incentive levels and earn prizes at each one. Prizes up for grabs this year include gift cards to popular stores, free items from the Carley’s Angels retail store, and posts about you and the great work you do on our social media channels. Our most active ambassadors will probably end up earning them all!


What Would An Ambassador Be Doing?

Here are some examples of activities ambassadors can choose to complete as part of the program. Remember, you can choose to complete the activities that best suit you!






  • Run a fundraiser on your birthday
  • Share your Carley’s Angels retail store discount code
  • Refer a new donor to Carley’s Angels or make a donation yourself


  • Like, comment, and share our social media posts
  • Create your own social media posts about Carley’s Angels
  • Participate in a Carley’s Angels marketing campaign


  • Participate in an event
  • Recruit someone else to participate in an event
  • Tell someone new about Carley’s Angels


  • Watch Kiss & Cry or videos on our Youtube channel
  • Read Always Smile
  • Read about the Cancer Experience Program in the Impact Report
What Else Do I Need To Know?

• Program start date: November 1, 2023

• Program length: 11 months (until September 30, 2024)


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