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The 2021/2022 Ambassadors have been announced! Get to know them by reading the welcome blog below .



Program Description

The Carley's Angels Ambassador Program creates a virtual opportunity for our vast international Instagram community to represent Carley's Angels in a personal and meaningful way. The program accepts 10 applicants with aligned Instagram accounts who we feel show the greatest potential for helping Carley’s Angels engage with new audiences.

Who is a Carley's Angels Ambassador?

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about advocating for Carley’s Angels. They are loud about their passions in an energetic, and engaging way. 

They are energetic, creative, and kind-hearted individuals with a love for sharing inspirational stories! They have a dedicated following of like-minded individuals who can't wait to learn about Carley Angels, Carley, and her message of always smile. They love giving back and can't wait to raise awareness for Carley's Angels as we work to unite traditional and holistic cancer in hospitals.

Your 2021 Ambassadors

Your 2021 Carley's Angels Ambassadors have been selected! Let's give them a warm welcome! To find more out about each ambassador and why they are so passionate about Carley's Angels, visit their Instagram pages linked beside their name.

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