Always Smile Awards

Carley Elle Allison was a 19-year-old competitive figure skater who courageously battled a very rare form of Cancer. During Carley’s battle, her story caught the attention of many news outlets. Why? Because she was determined to “Always Smile” throughout the worst of times. Her message of “Always Smile” was contagious and resonated through her journey. Carley defied the odds by skating and competing (at Ontario Sectionals) during and after treatments, she demonstrated unbelievable bravery and perseverance. In Carley’s honour and to recognize inspirational young skaters we have created the “Always Smile Award”

The “Always Smile Award” is awarded to one skater, per skating club, per year, that has demonstrated a positive attitude, grace and bravery while faced with a challenge or adversity.

We are aiming to work with skating clubs across Canada in hopes of introducing Carley’s Story and message of “Always Smile” to as many young skaters as possible. If you would like to get your skating involved and help us share Carley’s inspiring message of “Always Smile” please email us at

Read about our very first “Always Smile Award” recipient of 2019 HERE

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