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Hey Everyone,


My name is Carley Elle Allison, and i'm 19 years old. February 4th 2013, i was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor outside my trachea, after 9 month of intense treatments I went into remission. August 25th 2014 I was diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma in my lungs.

I have undergone six rounds of chemo therapy, tracheal surgery, and i have completed 32 days of high intensity radiation to cure the cancer in my trachea. I am currently going through oral chemotherapy to target the cancer in my lungs.

when i was first diagnosed I was a grade 12 student with quite the busy schedule. along with school i figured skated competitively. I have been skating since i was six years old, and ever since then i have been attached to the ice training six days a week year round. My schedule during the school year is pretty crazy, and most days it sounds a bit like this; wake up, skate, school, skate during spare, back to school, skate, homework, music lesson, bed, and start all over again. So iv'e gotten pretty used to being active almost 24/7.

Another big part of my life is music. music has been my passion ever since i was young. I started taking guitar lessons when i was 11 years old, and i've been singing for as long as i can remember. when I was 15 i started teaching myself how to play the piano and that really opened more opportunities for me musically.

In the summer time, i get weekends off training, so my family and i go up north to our cottage in Halliburton ON. i think its safe to say, this is my favourite place in the entire world. when i was younger i was always the "tom boy" between me and my two sisters, and i was probably more adventurous then i should have been. At 8, i was already climbing to the top of the cliffs with my 10 year old cousin Jeff to go cliff jumping, while all the other girls were jumping off the little rocks. I always liked to prove i was just as good as my boy cousins, even if i was a bit scared i pretended i was perfectly confident and jumped.

And that is how i plan to deal with this little set back in my life. Cancer does scare me, but i'm going to be brave, pretend that i'm perfectly confident, and jump.

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  1. Carley I’m so sorry u had to go through that I saw ur movie on Netflix and I’m inspired of how u kept fighting and being brave when I watched the ending part and said u died I burst out crying I felt like I knew u. I hope ur family is being brace and great and smileing like how u are we miss u Carly we love u

  2. I watched the movie. kiss and cry.
    It was very touching, admittinly I cried..I watched my grandpa go through cancer a few yeara back. I know to whomever looks at this may not think i know what you went through, but i hace a good idea. Carley had a very different view on it.
    It really has touched me. It has changed my views on it. It really changed on how i think about things.
    I love her saying. Always simile.
    Thank you for letting a movie be made.

  3. My love and prayers go out to Carley’s family. She is an inspiration to me in many different ways and has made me look at life differently. Much love xoxo

  4. I watch the movie ‘Kiss and Cry’ and it changed my life I saw thing with a different opinion never oh that’s bad or I don’t like that. I did just smiled like the movie said ‘smile’.
    P.S it was an excellent idea to make that movie Sarah fisher .

  5. My soul goes out to this beautiful young woman who stays strong about cancer although she is probably dead right now I support her all through my soul she is my role model or was I watched kiss n cry and had to learn more and here I am learning more about you Carly!!!! I love you so much! Always smile 🙂

  6. What an incredible force of inspiration you were and still are to so many people, thank you dear Carley. in your short and brave battle you taught so many people about love, compassion and never giving up. I am 26, I have Cerebral palsy, but I absolutely live life to the best of my ability. I was a premy baby born at only 530 grams, now i am a published writer, an amazing poet and a wonderful artist. There is nothing that anyone is not able to do or achieve, just be you and believe in yourself, most importantly always smile. I recently found kiss and cry a couple of weeks ago and it brought both my mum and I to tears, much love and hugs from Australia Jonn and Michelle.

    Fly high beautiful earth angel. <3 <3 <3

  7. I just want to say that I have been fighting cancer and even though I am older I would have traded my life for hers without question. I loved the movie and pray for the family.

  8. I always wonder WHY DIDNT THEY GIVE HER A LUNG TRANSPLANT SHE COULD BE ALIVE RIGHT NOW WHY DID THEY HAVE TO TAKE SUCH AN AMAZING PERSON FROM THIS WORLD THEY COULD HAVE SAVED HER LIFE. The movie was truley heartbreaking and I send all of my love to her and her family. I hope she is smiling and watching over her family I know they loved her. She is an ispiration to every one. I hope she knows how many people loved and cared for her.

    1. She kept on smiling even through the worst news and all the procedures and thourgh all of her pain. Ordinary people will complain about nothing but not her she never complained not even when she got cancer or when she was going to die all she did was smile. She was so grateful and amazing and even after a throut surgery she kept on singing. She stayed so strong. All she thought about was other people she NEVER felt pity for herself. She fought so hard. Only god knows why she had to die.

  9. I love this movie.. I love that she keep a positive attitude thru it all. She broke down when she neede too but thru it all she kept smiling at cancer. I going to take away this, no matter what life throws at you keep smiling because thru it all Carley kept smiling .. Thank You Carley Elle Allison and Thank You to her parents, Sisters Friends.. I know you all miss her a great deal..

    Thank You for sharing a piece of Carley with us..

  10. Carley you’re amazing kiss and cry made me cry you fought and you won to me you won my new motto is always smile quoted by Carley Allison you are my inspiration congrats know that we miss you ( btw I’m watching kiss and cry again right now)
    ~ Jada Holloway age 11

  11. Your story is heartbreaking, and one that was mirrored by a very talented young dancer my family was privileged to know!
    To find your passion at 6, to work hard and achieve elite status with national competitions, to get sick, (and this young lady was also told it was something relatively minor) fight hard and win the battle then fight harder to get back to competitive level only to find yourself battling again!
    We lost our brave soul recently, her passing has rocked our entire dance school, she was 19 and passed when her body rejected her donor heart after requiring a heart transplant due to cardiac issues at 16/17. She also fought hard and competed again after her lifesaving surgery.
    I watched your movie with my daughter and the similarity was so blinding, and the pain still so raw. Your movie is a step toward her healing. Your bright spirit was portrayed so well by your friend, I thank you and her for being so strong!

  12. To Carley & The Allison Family,

    After watching the film, something sparked within me that hasn’t in a very long time. Such a beautiful being & now a beautiful angel. Carley’s life will forever be remembered.

    Thank you for sharing her precious story.
    God Bless and Keep You,

  13. Carley you have really inspired me to smile everyday and you have taught me that I can overthrow any obstacles thrown at me. I know that you are dead right now and you were 19 when you died but you won against cancer. You have taught me anything is possible and think positive about ANYTHING
    Btw my musical.ly account name is tori_benn go follow me

  14. I just watched kiss and cry Carley, you are so beautiful and inspiring in so many ways. You touched my heart, changed my life, I am suffering from depression but I promise I will smile, thank you Carley, rest in peace beautiful ❤️

  15. I recently saw Kiss and Cry on Netflix and have watched it every day since. I’ve read your blog looked at all your posts and beautiful pictures. The one thing I know for sure is that you were never just an ordinary girl, It seems to me that you were way past ordinary more like exstrodinary!
    I will forever be changed by your story, your strength,and your love. Rip you beautiful girl. Sending love to your family from Las Vegas Nv.

  16. I just watched the movie kiss and cry. Real heartbreaking. I pray for your family and I know even though your in heaven you ARE smiling… Big hugs !

    Melissa Fisher
    South Carolina

  17. This movie touched me in so many ways! I have now had 3 throat procedures to remove growths from my vocal cords, nothing this serious so far, but I can not imagine how hard this had to be for her and her family. They all stayed strong and kept fighting, as should we all! Rip strong beautiful girl

  18. What a well lived life and from the messages, a well loved life as well. Once in a while a soul comes and burns so brightly…if only for a short time, and then somehow, though the light subsides…everything, every moment each memory continues to shine on. That kind of life changes other lives and sends out a beacon to draw others close enough to be forever changed by its wonder. I believe, Carley, you were one of them. I will remember your story well and share it often. God bless and keep you.

  19. On May 7,2017 I watched the movie Kiss & Cry. My heart was moved on this young, strong beautiful lady. My heart goes out to the family and the boy friend of Carley. I hope through payers that some day there will be a cure for all from of cancer, heart disease and other turminal diseases. To the Allison family, may your hearts be healed and may Carley’s love be with you forever. I’m truly am sorry for your pain and lost.

  20. Watching the Biopic on Netflix about your life, may you rest in peace Beautiful. The Biopic may or may not be true to the fullest but it gave me a piece of you. I cried during the whole movie. I felt your sadness at times. Even though I personally don’t and haven’t had cancer. No one will ever fully understand what you felt and went through. But your “words” via the Biopic… They have inspired many!

    For the many who read about her story because of the Biopic in Netflix. or for those going through cancer. stay strong.

  21. This story warmed my heart my family is kinda in a line for cancer and I have lost some but my family are fighter Carly’s story changed my life she was a strong independent women only if she could have past cancer . Cancer can go rot in a hole.

  22. God bless you child! You touched the heart of millions. I made the mistake watching it last night so now I’m paying for it by crying this morning and even though I never met you I know how inspirational, brave, and beautiful you were. My aunt had breast cancer and she lived through it but when I saw her sick like that and how thin she turned I still saw the same loving aunt as I’m sure many of Carley’s friends and family did. After watching “Kiss and Cry” I couldn’t stop crying and I know that Carley would want happiness instead of tears but the world has lost a very very very brave, intelligent, and inspiring person she inspired us that cancer never truly wins if u have a smile

  23. i just watched the movie, and i was not aware that it was a true story, and it is so touching and truly inspirational. RIP Carley. I wish I knew about her story back when she was fighting.❤️

  24. I just watched the movie and cried. Lost my best friend to cancer, my sister, a classmate and a dear friend now battling bone cancer. Thank you so much for this movie. Carpet was such a beautiful talented brave young lady. God Bless her family.

  25. Just watched the film based on your story. Wow. I have no words, throughout the whole movie, i had no idea it was all based on a real thing, until just the end. I am amazed at how you always put others in front of yourself especially in your situation!! You were and still are an amazing inspiration, keep smiling Carley. Xx

  26. Just learned of your story from the film Kiss and Cry. I just balled my eyes out at the ending. I’m glad that your family chose to share your story and it has shed a whole new light on the brutality of battling against cancer. A boy in my french class, passed away from cancer after 2 years of fighting. It’s 7 months today since he passed and I am thinking of him as I am thinking of you. Best wishes and fly high sweetheart xo

  27. I just watched the movie about Carly and it has touched my heart so… she was such a wonderful spirited young lady… I know her mother and father must be complete heart broken…. my daughter Anna was killed in 2003 in a car accident and I still feel completely lost without her…. I’ll be praying for you all…

  28. Just watched kiss and cry…broke my heart but i loved watching it because of what an amazing person she was. I could only wish i could be as strong as her. Very inspiration..touched my heart thank you

  29. Such a Beautiful movie brought me to tears over and over. Carley was an Inspiration and had such a beautiful soul! God Bless Carley and her family always smile in the memory of Carley. RIP Sweet, Beautiful Carley.

  30. Just seen her movie based about her , I cried throughout the whole movie. And now I look up to her . She’s my inspiration! Love you Carley Elle Allison !! Much love ❤

  31. Just watched this movie off of Carley, and it was incredibly touching! I have a mom who is 5 years cancer free and every day I think about her and all the others like Carley whose lives were changed. Much love every day for her family.

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  32. Everyone is so proud of you. I’m 11 and this movie changed my life. You are inspiring. You made me think how lucky I am. Also you showed made me think about this “life is short so make the most of it”. I’m going to always put a smile on my face now. Carley is an inspiration and a superhero. Make sure to be grateful for what you have.

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